We are defined by the will to provide a new meaning to the word hope.

We exist in order to provide medical solutions to those who need them.

We are created for life.

Vipmed provides to its clients types of medical services, from the simplest ones to the most serious life saving procedures.

There is always another chance!



Second Opinion

Cere inca o parere The "Second Opinion" Service provides patients with an authorized medical viewpoint and also with the possibility to treat diseases in a prestigious clinic from abroad, which has state of the art medical equipment and benefits by the services of well-known doctors.

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Medical Tourism

Turism Medical You don't have time to make a complete set of tests or you didn't now where to go? Combine work and pleasure and do it during your vacations. Now, Vipmed provides you the possibility to travel in the great European cities and to benefit by the professionalism of the international clinics by supplied medical packages. The preventive tests performed in time give more chances in fighting the diseases of the 21st century.

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