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Oncology treatments
Cutting-edge Oncological Treatments

Worldwide,there have been significant discoveries in the field of medicine in the last 20 years. Undoubtedly, most of these breakthroughs have occurred in oncology.


A New Non-Invasive Procedure
in the Fight Against Cancer

15 years
Vipmed International
for Over 15 Years in Romania

We are committed to remain a reliable partner in providing quality medical services in the future!

Can't you go to them?
We can organize a teleconference!

In the current conditions, in order to support your needs, VIPMED INTERNATIONAL organizes online consultations/teleconferences with collaborating clinics from abroad.

Pet CT
PET-CT Scans + Oncology Consultation + Interpretation

Discover the benefits of PET-CT scanning and oncology consultation with prices ranging from 700 to 850 euros! This exclusive offer provides you with access to advanced technology and a detailed assessment for efficient cancer diagnosis. Schedule your appointment now! Invest in your health!

Pathological and immunohistochemical result

Ready in 72 hours!

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Supporting the Right to Life
for All Patients

We stand by you in your medical journey, providing support and understanding.

At VIPMED INTERNATIONAL, we focus on the human aspect of care, offering personalized resources and support.


✔ Personalized Counseling:
Every patient benefits from a dedicated counselor, available to answer questions and provide guidance, respecting the diverse needs of individual medical cases.

✔ Solid Experience, Global Connections:
With a presence of over 15 years in direct collaborations with internationally renowned professors, we rely on connections to offer useful information and support.

We are here to share knowledge, provide clarity, and stand by you at every stage of your health management process.

CVs of our collaborators

Right from the beginning, in 2007, Vipmed started a close collaboration with teachers on certain conditions. It is very important for patients to be treated by an expert in the field in which they were diagnosed, we are talking about statistics and exceptional results.

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