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One day I discovered something that was about to change my life, namely that I was very sick. Now I can say that God poured all His love upon me, and with your help, I have a new chance at life. The surgery was a success, and I want to share with you the joy of living and hoping. With people like YOU, the world will change and become better. Thank you, and I am eternally grateful.
Larisa Teodoru
Tudor made it!
At the age of 3, while other children were walking, eating on their own, talking, and going to kindergarten, Tudor wanted to be able to sit down. His story began three years ago when he came into the world fighting with all his might. After dozens of hours of labor, the little one had zero chances of survival. This is where his and his parents' drama began. Full of fear and suffering, they prayed for Tudor to live. He spent days connected to machines. But God heard their prayers, and on the day he was baptized, he breathed on his own for the first time. Hope appeared for Tudor. Although due to birth asphyxia, Tudor developed severe neuromotor complications, he showed signs of being a winner. Nights spent in hospitals and trips to the best neurologists in the country and abroad. Some difficult surgeries followed, which Tudor successfully passed. Progress is slow, but it exists. Every day he goes to physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and manages to smile, giving his parents hope and the strength to move on.

Despite all these therapies, Tudor couldn't sit, he couldn't even support his head well, and due to very pronounced spasticity, his hips were completely dislocated. To continue these exercises, surgery was needed, which could be performed in Turkey but was very expensive. Everyone joined forces and managed to raise the money needed for the operation, and Tudor was operated on his hip. After the surgery, the boy spent 2 months in a cast, but now Tudor has learned to sit down. Tudor continues to prove every second that he wants to live, and his parents' love will continue to bring him progress.

Below you can find the message we received from Tudor's parents:

First of all, I want to thank you for all the support you provided in finding the doctor because we discovered that he is a true professional and a person of great character. Tudor was operated on at the clinic in Turkey. Thank you again, and we are grateful for your support.
At the age of 23, following a biopsy, I was diagnosed with malignant adenocarcinoma (cervical cancer). Three months of continuous investigations in Romanian hospitals, contradictory diagnoses, time wasted. At the end of these three months, through an acquaintance, I found out about Vipmed, the moment when things went quickly, as such a situation requires. In just an hour, round-trip plane tickets were purchased for the departure to Turkey, accommodation issues were resolved, and transportation between the hotel and Anadolu hospital was arranged. The details of gynecological control, P.E.T./C.T., R.M.N. had even been established. The next day, I had the results and the schedule for the operation, which went very well. After six weeks, I was scheduled for a checkup, and the results indicated that there was no need for radiation or chemotherapy. I was rescheduled for a second checkup in six months.

I am currently very well and extremely optimistic about the evolution of my health, and I owe this optimism to the people at Vipmed, whom I advise you to contact with confidence. Why should you trust them? Because, in my case, the outcome of those perpetual investigations with contradictory results from Romanian hospitals is easy to guess. Good health to all!
R.P., 24 ani, Constanta
I would like to thank PROFESSOR AHMET and his team for their instant help with my son's head trauma.

Indeed, my son, Constantin R. I. is almost like the one I used to know before the motorcycle accident, and I thank both God and the doctors for this miracle.
Liana I.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the entire Vipmed team for their help and support in our desire and success to fulfill our most beautiful dream, namely to become parents!

Without you, this would not have been possible, but thanks to your professionalism, we reached an excellent team of doctors in Turkey who fulfilled this dream for us. Vipmed... a true friend!
Maria D.

I contacted VipMed for a set of extensive tests for men over 40. They recommended the Koc American Hospital in Istanbul, which I also chose. The whole process is extremely simple and goes smoothly, without bureaucracy, without complicated contracts and NDAs. VipMed took care of the entire travel logistics (plane, hotel, transfers), which saved me a lot of time and energy and gave me the peace of mind to focus on the tests. At the hospital, I was guided and assisted by a translator (Romanian-Turkish, employed by the hospital) who organized the entire logistics of the tests, went with me to all the tests, and interpreted the results. Of course, you can also discuss in English with the doctors, but I preferred not to risk misunderstandings.

Everything lasted three days, of which about 2.5 days were allocated to tests and investigations (biological samples, ultrasounds, X-rays, endoscopy, etc.), and half a day allocated to the interpretation of the results by specialist doctors (cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, urology, diet, dermatology, etc.). In the end, I received the prescriptions and the diet to be followed until the next check-up. I bought the prescriptions from the pharmacy across the street from the hospital (I checked, and all the medicines are either available in Romania or there is an equivalent). The tests went one after the other, with a maximum of 30 minutes waiting between them, for about seven hours a day.

I would like to mention a few aspects related to the price. The cost of the trip itself depends on how much you want to optimize costs: you can choose hotels between 50 Euro/night and 220 Euro/night, you can buy a round-trip ticket or an open return ticket, you can stay exactly 3 days or extend your stay in Istanbul by a few days. I personally preferred to stay a whole week, to take the time to savor Istanbul. The cost of the investigations is only apparently higher than in Romania. In reality, if you quantify the time spent in traffic, the stress in the hospital hallways, the waiting for the availability of some doctors or machines, searching for experienced doctors to interpret the results, you realize that it is possible that in Romania, it will cost you twice as much. The cost of medication depends probably on the condition, the treatment; in my case, it was not expensive.

That's about all I had to say. I wish you all the best, and may you be able to help all those in need.

Thank you,
Nicolae S.
Thank you very much Vipmed International and especially to Mrs. Narcisa Marinescu for their support and interaction with the Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey, which made huge efforts to be there again for investigations and subsequent treatments . I have been to this hospital for the 4th time after 9 years of suffering with inconclusive results and treatments in Romania. With thanks, gratitude, and admiration to Professor Doctor Metin K. and Doctor Taylan, who do their job with dedication and maximum responsibility, with precision and quality in determining a precise and correct diagnosis. Thanks to everyone in the hospital and the Vipmed team who support patients and guide them toward healing. Every year I come back and feel at home, thank you Turkey for the doctors you have. Congratulations and good luck in the future; you are the best!
Necula Petronela
Diagnosed in Romania with a 5.5 cm acoustic neuroma with a high risk of permanent facial paralysis, Dan received support from Vipmed for an appointment at the INI clinic in Hanover. The tumor was completely removed, and now Dan can smile again as before.
Dan Santimbreanu
A car accident, 9 surgeries in the country, and the proposal for amputation of the crushed leg made Cristi seek Vipmed's help. Orthopedic surgeons at Anadolu Medical Center succeeded, after another 6 surgeries, in saving his leg, and now he can walk again.
Cristian Voiculescu
At just 5 years old, Diana suffered from right lung metastasis, and through Vipmed, she underwent radiotherapy treatment at Anadolu Medical Center Istanbul. Following this treatment, Diana now feels well, and the results are very good.
Diana Neacsu
To the Vipmed team:

I kiss you and wish you a year with many patients but without problems. Be healthy and enjoy life.

To Mrs. NARCISA M, may God give her all the goodness in the world and a lot of health. Thank you for the help for 7 years.

We kiss you with love.
Gigi &Florentina P
Thank you for facilitating our meeting yesterday with Professor Aydin Yuceturk.

Cristian is 17 years old and can walk thanks to the interventions made by Professor. After 9 surgeries in the country, the question of amputation arose, and thanks to you, who showed us the way to the professor, now he is a high school student at Cantemir who can walk.

Thousands of thanks to Mrs. Narcisa and the Vipmed team because yesterday's meeting managed to restore our peace of mind that everything is fine as evolution.
Cristian si Mioara Voiculescu
First of all, I want to thank you for all the support you provided in finding the doctor because we discovered that he is a true professional and a person of great character. Tudor was operated on at the clinic in Turkey. Thank you again, and we are grateful for your support.
Mihai B.
Our 'adventure' began 3 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent a successful surgical intervention, but metastases remained in the lungs. Chemotherapy treatment did not produce the expected results, so we sought the opinion of doctors at the Anadolu clinic. From here to success, there were only a few steps. Vipmed, the representative of Anadolu in Romania, was the 'angel' that facilitated our meeting with the best oncologist and the trip to Turkey. Once there, after detailed investigations, we found the solution to our problems. Two successful surgeries followed, and a chemotherapy treatment that had amazing results. Now, my mother feels very well, continues her treatment, and visits, this time for pleasure, the Anadolu clinic.
Andreea Lupu
First of all, I must begin by saying to Vip Med from the bottom of my heart, a huge 'Thank you!'

From the first second I interacted with the VIP Med team, I felt that I had found the help I wanted following a breast cancer diagnosis.

From the investigation process to the moment I returned to Romania, VIP Med was with me with professionalism, information, but especially with the soul, because after a tough battle with surgery and one month of radiotherapy, I left Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital in Turkey with a lot of hope and confidence.

For everything that happened and for what will happen in the future, I thank the VIP Med team, and I definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of medical services like the ones I needed.
Sarchizian Vasilica