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About us

We support the right to life of all patients

Health is perhaps the basic need of our society

Vipmed International has designed specialized services for its clients, aiming not to alter their quality of life before, during, and after the performed treatment. Knowledge and information are the most important elements. Researching the condition one suffers from becomes the first action a patient takes immediately after diagnosis.

We support the patient's right to be correctly informed in a timely manner by the world's best specialists for their condition.

Over 15,000 patients testify to our commitment. We will continue to provide the Romanian market with a bridge connecting Romania to the most important clinics and hospitals worldwide.

We support the right to life.


✔ Because we have experience with over 10,000 medical cases.

✔ Because each patient has a dedicated personal advisor for their case.

✔ Because for over 15 years, we have built direct relationships with world-renowned professors working in the clinics we collaborate with in seven countries on three continents.

✔ Because these established partnerships, along with the logistics and professionalism of the Vipmed International team, allow us to commit to providing a second medical opinion within 24 hours. It's like having a direct line to that specific clinic, giving you more free time for family or clear thinking.

✔ Because we offer multiple medical opinions for your diagnosis from the clinics we collaborate with.

✔ Because it's important to have as much information as possible about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

✔ Because we provide more treatment options for your diagnosis, allowing you to choose, along with estimated costs.

✔ Because we monitor the patient continuously from the moment they contact us, during hospitalization, and especially upon their return to the country during the follow-up period.

✔ Because we handle (*) the logistics related to the patients' travel in the shortest time, whether by road or air. (*depending on the specifics of each case)

✔ Because upon returning to the country, we recommend Romanian doctors familiar with international standards to monitor the patient's progress. You have access to these recommendations 24/24 through our consultants.

✔ Because we offer an online platform for submitting medical documents and medical history on the website Accessing the platform is possible 24/24, through a user account, allowing you to download uploaded data anywhere in the world via an emailed link.





For Romanian patients suffering from renal cancer, a second medical opinion is very important. Anadolu's doctors are elite specialists, working in interdisciplinary teams and finding the best solutions for patients. My daughter, Diana, suffered from renal cancer with metastases from the age of 3. Currently, at 10, she is healthy thanks to the treatments at Anadolu.
Thank you
Mirela Neacsu
I would like to thank PROFESSOR AHMET and his team for their instant help with my son's head trauma. Indeed, my son, Constantin, is almost like the one I used to know before the motorcycle accident, and I thank both God and the doctors for this miracle...
One day I discovered 'SOMETHING' that was going to change my life, namely, that I am very sick. Now I can say that God poured all His love upon me, and with your help, I have a new chance at life. The operation was a success, and I want to share with you the joy of living and hoping. With people like 'YOU,' the world will change and become better. Thank you, and I am eternally grateful.
Larisa Teodoru
I am 24 years old and have been suffering from epilepsy since the age of 3. My childhood, adolescence, and the years until now have been a torment for me and my family. I had seizures daily, maybe 5 in a day; I couldn't go anywhere alone...