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A New Non-Invasive Procedure in the Fight Against Cancer

CHEMOSAT is a new procedure used to deliver anti-cancer agents. It delivers a powerful anti-cancer agent directly into the liver where it can do the most good.

How is CHEMOSAT different from other types of treatment for liver cancer?
There are several important differences between CHEMOSAT and other types of treatment for liver cancer.
With CHEMOSAT, the doctor administers a high dose of anti-cancer agents directly into the liver.
Because CHEMOSAT prevents much of the anti-cancer agent from circulating in the rest of the body, it may reduce side effects after the procedure.
Due to CHEMOSAT not involving major surgical intervention, you may recover more quickly.

What types of cancer can CHEMOSAT treat?
CHEMOSAT can treat:
– Ocular melanoma as well as primary liver cancer (e.g., cholangiocarcinoma)
– Liver metastases: cancer that originates in another part of the body and spreads to the liver (e.g.: metastases from melanoma, lung cancer, etc.)

What happens to small cancer cells that doctors cannot see?
Because CHEMOSAT treats the entire liver, it can eliminate cancer cells that cannot be detected.

Can CHEMOSAT cure?
No, CHEMOSAT does not cure, but it can assist in the treatment of cancer.