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From Beginnings to Excellence: Vipmed International for Over 15 Years in Romania

With a remarkable presence of over 15 years in the Romanian medical market, Vipmed International has become an essential pillar in providing high-quality services. During this extended period, we have managed to support over 15,000 patients, established fruitful partnerships with 20 clinics both nationally and internationally, and most importantly, we have shaped an integrated system of services to meet the complex needs of patients.

With hundreds of consulting sessions held in Bucharest and online, Vipmed International has demonstrated its strong commitment to the accessibility and quality of medical services. The success and positive impact on the patient community reflect the dedication and professionalism shown by the VIPmed team.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this journey! Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to assist so many patients and have a positive impact on the medical community in Romania. We are committed to remaining a trusted partner in delivering quality medical services in the future!