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Breast cancer in Romania – an alarming situation

Breast cancer in Romania has reached a number of 10,000 cases annually, and patients present themselves to the doctor when the condition is in an advanced stage, which is why the situation is alarming.

Between 1960 and 2008, the incidence of breast cancer increased from approximately 11 cases to 28 cases per sample of 100,000 women, and the situation persists even today.

Doctors come up with a series of tips to prevent breast cancer, because the success of the treatment is closely related to the stage in which the condition is discovered.

Regarding the incidence of breast cancer, Romania unfortunately follows the worldwide trend of increasing the number of diseases.


Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases in women, although it can be prevented. The risk of developing breast cancer depends a lot on the lifestyle of each woman, but also on genetic factors. Because October has been declared International Breast Cancer Prevention Month, we will present some key tips by which it can be prevented.

The approach to breast cancer is mainly aimed at prevention of the condition and personalized treatment if the disease has already set in. Although this disease can be prevented, in Romania, 10,000 women are diagnosed with advanced or metastatic breast cancer every year.


Every woman should know that a balanced lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. There are several breast cancer risk factors that we can minimize.

    • Body weight – overweight women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, especially at menopause. In this context, an active lifestyle and a balanced diet will help you maintain an optimal weight throughout your life.

    • Diet – when we say diet we don’t mean weight loss. The diet represents a food lifestyle that each person attributes to himself. Thus, every woman must have a diet based especially on fruits, vegetables and quality proteins from fish. In addition, Anadolu specialists recommend a diet low in refined sweets and fats.

    • Alcohol – excessive alcohol consumption is an important risk factor for developing breast cancer.

    • Sedentarism – lack of regular physical activity leads to an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The advice of specialists is to do sports at least twice a week.

Regular visits to the doctor (once or twice a year) and monthly self-examination are some of the best breast cancer prevention routines.