Medical Tourism

What we do for you:

We coordinate the entire vacation, you choose the destination, tests and investigations you want, the level of accommodation and the duration of the trip and we organize everything: medical consultancy, touristic support for the documents and visa, flight tickets, private transfer from the airport to the hotel, transport to and from the medical centre for each test session. In the morning, the team of professional doctors shall perform the medical investigations, and in the evening, you can visit the touristic attractions of the area.

Where can you go?

The medical packages can be adapted to each client, because Vipmed collaborates with hospital, clinics and medical companies from all over the world, providing specialized treatment with state of the art facilities and prestigious medical teams. In case of treatment, we provide you complete services and professional consultancy in choosing the adequate destination for administrating the necessary treatment.

How do I chose the destination?

Choosing a destination depends both on the competences of the respective clinic, the needs of the patient and the desired vacation (urban, exotic etc.) and also on the budget assigned for the vacation.

Medical packages and destinations:

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» Medical packages provided by Vipmed
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» Medical package customized depending on the needs and preferences of the client.

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