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Breast cancer in Romania – an alarming situation

Breast cancer in Romania has reached a number of 10,000 cases annually, and patients present themselves to the doctor when the condition is in an advanced stage, which is why the situation is alarming. Between 1960 and 2008, the incidence of breast cancer increased from approximately 11 cases to 28 cases per sample of 100,000 […]

Forms of cancer of the lymphatic system

WHAT IS HODGKIN AND NON-HODGKIN LYMPHON? Lymphoma or lymphatic cancer is a type of cancer that mainly affects cells of the immune system, called lymphocytes. FORMS OF LYMPHATIC SYSTEM CANCER Lymphatic cancer (lymphoma) can be of two types: Hodgkin’s lymphoma; Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; Globally, lymphoma is the 5th most common type of cancer in men and […]

Treatment options for children with cancer

Cancer in children is not considered common, which is why treatments for young people under the age of 15 are under continuous research. Clinical trials in pediatric oncology represent research that aims to improve current treatments through effective methods and even find new treatment options. Treatment options for children with cancer Oncological treatment in children […]

Robotic Surgery

ROBOTIC SURGERY Robotic surgery offers numerous advantages for both patients and surgeons, representing a new step in minimally invasive surgery following laparoscopic surgery, which has already replaced conventional surgery in several fields. What Robotic Surgery Provides for Patients? 1. Reduced Blood Loss and Lower Transfusion Needs: Robotic surgical procedures are associated with less blood loss, […]

From Beginnings to Excellence: Vipmed International for Over 15 Years in Romania

With a remarkable presence of over 15 years in the Romanian medical market, Vipmed International has become an essential pillar in providing high-quality services. During this extended period, we have managed to support over 15,000 patients, established fruitful partnerships with 20 clinics both nationally and internationally, and most importantly, we have shaped an integrated system […]

Health at Your Home: VIPMED INTERNATIONAL and Online Consultations

In the current context, when travel is limited, VIPMED INTERNATIONAL is here to help with online consultations and teleconferences! Now you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the details of your medical case directly with doctors from our partner clinics abroad, all from the comfort of your home. Benefits of Online Consultations: – […]